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Communication is at the core of language acquisition. Acquiring a language broadens learners' comprehension of the world and its varied cultures and allows students to engage in multilingual communities, both socially and professionally. While fluency demands many years of study, practice, and exposure, second language acquisition contributes to improved achievement across the curriculum. For our Vision and Program Goals, refer to the links to the right.

Language Offerings

Denver Public Schools offers a wide variety of languages and educational models to choose from. All high schools offer Spanish and French. Additional languages are offered on a school-by-school basis and include Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Lakota, and Spanish for Heritage Speakers. At the middle school level, the languages offered are Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Spanish for Heritage Speakers. At the elementary level, Spanish is offered at select schools. To see where each language is offered, click on the links below.








Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Course Sequencing and Placement

Denver Public Schools' students have a variety of language experience and backgrounds. Students, parents, and teachers may refer to the World Languages Flow Chart (PDF or Word) for additional information.