Mathematics and Science

Denver Public Schools

ECE–Grade 5 Mathematics: Introduction to Everyday Mathematics

Elementary mathematics students use the Everyday Mathematics curriculum, a complete, research-based mathematics curriculum. The program supports ECE (pre-kindergarten) through grade 5 and introduces students to these major mathematical content domains: number sense, algebra, measurement, geometry, data analysis, and probability.

The Everyday Mathematics curriculum helps students move beyond basic arithmetic by nurturing higher-order and critical thinking skills using everyday, real-world problems and situations. It also helps students build and maintain basic mathematical skills, including automatic fact recall.

Key Features of Everyday Mathematics

  • Problem solving for everyday situations
  • Developing concepts through hands-on activities
  • Practice through games
  • Establishing links between past experiences and explorations of new concepts
  • Sharing ideas through discussion
  • Ongoing review throughout the year
  • Daily routines

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